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Green Roofing: What to Know

The concept of a “green roof” was first introduced in Germany in the 1960s. Ever since, these have continued to grow and evolve. Today, there are many iterations of garden roofs to choose from to best fit your needs and available space. However, there are several things to consider before your Boca Raton roofing project can start.

Know Your Property

This starts with a simple question: do you rent or own? If you rent, chances are you won’t have permission from a landlord or property manager to install a green roof. Not only that, you must consider building codes such as accessibility factors, height restrictions, and fire safety. These laws can vary from state to state, by county, and by town. Specific laws may include:

  • Multiple entry and exit routes
  • Exit lighting
  • Fire alarms
  • Back-up lighting

Assuming approval, the next issue is the weight of the garden and how much your roof can support. Despite how skillful of a DIYer you are, this roof style is better left for professionals. You can expect upwards of 100 pounds bearing down on your roof for every square foot of soil.

Hire a licensed contractor. It’ll give you peace of mind in having a safe new space to enjoy.

Factor in Nature

Wind, rain, and sunlight can all have a significant impact on your garden roof. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to consider a rain barrel for drip irrigation. This will allow for much easier watering as opposed to carrying pitchers and lugging a heavy house.

Secondly, wind can pick up in a hurry, especially on high-rises. Fencing or walls will provide you with a layer of added security if the wind picks up unexpectedly. Besides, building codes will necessitate safety features, and you’ll want them for your children’s or pet’s safety.

Consider some form of shade, not just for your comfort but for the health of plants. Some plants may suffer from direct sunlight all day. For a healthy garden, know how to best care for the plants you want to incorporate.

Besides direct sunlight, heat can radiate from the concrete areas of your roof or neighboring roofs, reflect off metal building material, windows, and streets. This is known as the “heat island effect,” it’s when the core temperature of a city or state increases due to an abundance of asphalt or dark surfaces.

If you let your roof dry out from lack of rain, you risk a potential fire. Under most circumstances, this won’t happen as long as you water regularly. Lastly, you can refer to your contractor for advice on minimizing fire and all other risks.

Required Maintenance

Gardens require work, and roof gardens are no different. If you don’t have spare time to give it TLC, these roofs aren’t for you. Besides watering, you’ll need to weed, fertilize, and harvest your crops, if you have any.

Weeding and Trimming

Luckily, rooftop gardens and easier to maintain than their earthbound counterparts. With much shallower soil, the roots of weeds aren’t down as deep and grow horizontally. Additionally, the longer your garden matures, the less work it needs.

Pest Control

While garden-killing rabbits and deer won’t be present, insects and flying pests can invade your roof. Removing decaying plant matter can minimize ant populations, while dumping stagnant water can eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. Reduce drip irrigation flow to cut down on slugs and snails and add anti-roosting devices to scare away various birds.

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