Gutter Replacement

Why Bother with Gutter Replacement?

At Complete Roofing Solutions Inc., one of the services we offer in the West Palm Beach area is gutter repair and replacement. Gutters that have seen better years are not an uncommon sight. Most homeowners and landlords put the replacement of gutters at the bottom of their priority lists. There are, however, several reasons why you should hire us to keep your gutters in proper working condition, or to replace them whenever they are not serving their purpose.

You should replace your gutters whenever they start to deteriorate; this ensures they continue to do the work they were installed to do in the first place. Gutters help keep people dry by ensuring that water that flows off the roof does not flow over the entrances, walkways or patios of your home. Gutters also help keep your house neat; without them, dirty water from your roof could splash onto your exterior walls and/or fixtures.

A malfunctioning gutter can cause damage to your landscaping. There is a risk of erosion when it rains heavily and you do not have gutters. The high volume of water could eat away the dirt around your house, leading to ponding and possible water intrusion.

The biggest reason why you should replace gutters that no longer are working as they are needed is to maintain the structural integrity of your home. When gutters are not functioning as they should, the rain water that falls near the home’s foundation will saturate the area over time, and the resultant hydrostatic pressure could lead to cracking of the concrete foundation. When water works its way to the foundation, there is risk of the foundation giving way and settling, causing walls to separate from the rest of the home.

Gutter replacement also will help prevent rot. Houses that do not have gutters or that have gutters that are not functioning as they should are at a high risk of experiencing wood rot on the soffit and fascia, as water from the roof finds openings in the caulking and the paint.

Gutters add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. The converse also is true. You should replace your worn-out or unsightly gutters if you are about to put your house on the market; this will increase its resale value.

Properly functioning gutters allow you to collect water for home use. This will help you save on utility bills. You also will be doing your part to protect the environment.

So, when do you call our team to inspect your gutters? Whenever the gutter begins to bow or sag, whenever the gutters pull away from the brackets/roofline, whenever you notice puddles or pooling under the gutters, or whenever you find rotted or rusted spots around or on guttered areas. Other possible indicators of a gutter problem are damage to siding and trim, damage to exterior paint, lack of water flow from the downspouts, seepage, and flooding.

Replacement of faulty parts prevents the exacerbation of small problems, and ensures you do not have to spend a fortune replacing the entire system. At Complete Roofing Solutions Inc., we have the expertise, the tools and equipment, and the required licensing to do the job properly.

Why bother with gutter replacement? Because your home deserves the protection they provide.