Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

At Complete Roofing Solutions Inc, Roofing contractor West Palm Beach we understand that the age of a roof and its exposure to the elements causes roof deterioration and eventually roof failure. Whether your roof is new or old, under warranty or out of warranty, on-going Maintenance is essential to protect the investment you have made in your roof. Our Complete Maintenance Solutions was designed to achieve impressive results.

The Complete Maintenance Solutions Includes:


  • Inspection & Reporting
    CRS Certified Roof Care Specialists perform a comprehensive 20-point inspection to determine current roof conditions and necessary repairs needed, if any. Roof condition reports are provided following each Complete Maintenance Solutions inspection.


  • Preventative Maintenance
    CRS preventative Complete Maintenance Solutions pays special attention to metal edge flashings and counterflashing areas including reglets and termination points. Roof membrane conditions including blisters, ridging, splits, punctures and roof penetrations are also maintained, as well as projections common to pipes, vents and HVAC units. The maintenance of roof accessories such as pitch pans, skylights and expansion joints are also a part of the Complete Maintenance Solutions.


  • Debris Removal
    CRS will remove incidental debris from the roof membrane, drains, gutters and scuppers as part of the comprehensive Complete Maintenance Solutions.


  • Immediate Emergency Response
    CRS Certified Roof Care Specialists are on-call 24/7 for immediate emergency services related to storm emergencies. Priority status for 24/7 emergency leak services is available by calling 1-954-729-3010 while online leak emergency dispatch services are available during business hours.


The primary focus of the Complete Maintenance Solutions is to extend the life of the roof by taking care of little problems before they become big problems. This results in reduced leak occurrences and wards off potential major expenditures. The Complete Maintenance Service helps to ensure you are getting more value for every dollar spent over the course of the roof life cycle.

The Complete Maintenance Solutions was designed to take care of your roofing needs no matter what part of the roofing cycle your roof is currently in. Roofs undergo many movements that affect their performance such as building settlement, thermal expansion and contraction and weathering including sun, wind and snow.

The Complete Maintenance Solutions will start saving you money immediately. You will instantly see an average of 20% savings on your roofing expenses with the reduction in leak emergencies and the per-occurrence investment needed to keep your roof watertight. You will also receive detailed reporting to help you more accurately budget for future roof maintenance. Ultimately, the Complete Maintenance Solutions will maintain your roof for less than 1% of the roof value.

Benefits of Yearly Roof Maintenance

Why scheduled roof maintenance?

The questions always come up… “Why should I spend money on something that isn’t leaking?” or “Can you prove there is a return on the money spent?” or “Why do I need maintenance if I have a warranty?”

There is an answer for all these questions.

The life of your roof is directly related to how often it is inspected and how quickly small problems are identified and repaired.  The federal government, which is the largest building owner in the United States, found that their average roof lasted less than five years before leakage occurred and less than eight years before replacement. A national roofing association has shown that as many as 35% of all roofs do not reach their expectancy.

The following are causes identified with premature roof failure:

  • 47% is due to poor workmanship
  • 16% is due to poor design
  • 9% each is due to faulty materials and weathering
  • 8% each is due to trapped moisture or mechanical damage
  • 3% is due to roof traffic


If you do not have a formalized program to inspect, identify, and repair roof problems, how long will your roof last?

Our goal at Complete Roofing Solutions Inc is to educate as many owners and building managers to the fact that programmed roof maintenance makes economic sense.  A roof inspected semi-annually can last as much as 50% longer than one that is visited only when there is a leak. Maintenance with documentation provides you with a written history of repairs, a projected life expectancy, and clear budget numbers for future expenditures. It gives you both knowledge and control. It protects your asset and provides value.

At CRS we have the program, we have the expertise, and we have the desire to work with you to maximize your investment.