Rain Gutters When is the Best Time to install them?

Having a functional gutter system in your home all year round is important. If you think it’s time
to invest in new rain gutters, we’ve got some good advice for you. We’ll let you in on the secrets
of installing rain gutters – the best time to buy and install them.


During the fall season, the roof gutters can cause blockage if not well guarded. This is because
there are a lot of falling leaves and there’s a slow drainage of water through the gutters. Make
sure you install new gutters in preparation for fall. And clean them adequately after the season
ends to eliminate the falling leaves and debris.

Your roof gutters can suffer torture during winter because of the snow and ice. These two
elements block water flow and make the gutters clogged. That’s why it’s not recommended for
you to install new gutters during this season. The pressure that ice and snow place on the gutters
will force you to replace them soon. You’d rather wait for the winter to end before installing new


Your roofing system can benefit from new gutters during the spring. This is the time of the year
where proper drainage is needed to channel away the water and effects of snow and ice on your
roof. Having old gutters that don’t function properly during spring can cause serious structural
damage to your house. It can even end up damaging your home’s foundation.


Because of the heat, mosquitoes are very rampant during the summer. And they love nothing
better than stagnant water. You need proper gutters to ensure there’s no standing water that creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Replacing your gutters during summer is very ideal as
it can help to prevent mosquito infestation.

As you can see, every season has a common threat that you should properly be concerned about.
Anything that causes blockage and prevents water from getting out, needs to be addressed. Most
homeowners will opt to install new gutters in late August or early September as they prepare for
fall and winter. However, you can install new gutters any time of the year because you may be
presented with different challenges.

If you notice clogged gutters or you are afraid that the ones you have installed will not suffice
during winter or fall, call in a roof contractor to conduct an inspection. When the inspection is
conducted, you will be advised whether to invest in new rain gutters right away. A reliable
contractor will always be honest with you and advice on whether a new installation is required or
cleaning the gutters will help solve the issue at hand.
Remember to invest in an adequate gutter system, have it properly installed and get a good
warranty. Make sure the company that is responsible for installing the rain gutters follows the
required standards. For instance, the back of the gutter should always be behind the roof flashing.
This helps to prevent water leakage.