Roofing Companies in Palm Beach County

When deciding on one of the many roofing companies in Palm Beach County, it’s essential to match your desires according to the company’s strengths. One of our favorite roofing projects is garden roofs, and here’s why we recommend them.

What Are Garden Roofs?

Much as the name suggests, these are green spaces incorporated into roofs. There are several benefits in doing so, and some of them are surprising. However, regardless of other perks, garden roofs are beautiful.

Increased Property Value

In many neighborhoods, if your home has a green roof, your resale value increases. In the right setting, researchers in London have shown these can spur an increase of 25% in property value. However, external factors play a role as well.

Another benefit is that you will have less runoff after rainy weather, keeping your lawn dryer than your neighbors. On average, green roofs can absorb upwards of 75% of all rainfall, leading to significantly reduced runoff.


On average, green roofs far outlast other roofing materials. Flora provides shade as well as reflects harming light rays. Additionally, plants block inclement weather from battering roofing fabrics by up to 200%! Not only can you cut down on your grocery bill, but you’ll save money from a lack of repairs.

Improved Heat Regulation

When it comes to maintaining consistent temperatures year-round, garden roofing is the best. As evidenced worldwide, those with a green roof retain 33% more heat in winter months while remaining cooler with less frequent AC use in the middle of summer.

This level of energy conservation hasn’t gone unnoticed by state officials. New York, for example, provides a tax credit of up to $100,000 annually. Florida also has a similar program along with many other states, each varying in the fine details.

In a similar vein, more green roofs in cities can decrease the “heat island” effect. Resulting from the overabundance of asphalt surfaces (parking lots, roads, roofs) attracting heat, the temperature of entire cities can rise significantly during hot stretches of summer by up to 10°F.


To keep the weight down, green roofs use less soil which can’t supply enough nutrients for a healthy green space. This requires you to water and fertilize the plants frequently. A healthier roof leads to better energy conservation.

However, these roofs attract pests just as quickly as humans, which can adversely affect your roof. Routinely inspect your roof for signs of bug and animal infestations that could burrow through the roofing membrane, causing issues such as leaks and mold growth.

Looking for Roofing Companies in Palm Beach County?

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