Roofing in Delray Beach

Roofing in Delray Beach

If you’re a snowbird who’s looking to move to Florida or a native first-time homebuyer, deciding on the right house may be challenging. Even if you’re happy with where you live but need a new roof, do you know what roofing material is best for your home? When it comes to roofing in Delray Beach, we have the right option for you.

Best Roofing Material for Florida Homes

Not only are tiles the most popular roofing style worldwide, but it’s also among the most prevalent in coastal homes. For many reasons, tiles are superior to their shingle and metal roof counterparts for the following reasons.

Weather Resistance

Living in Florida means that your home needs to withstand the high-speed winds of hurricanes and tropical storms. We see shingles missing from roofs all the time after storms, whereas tiles usually stay put. However, they may shift slightly during prolonged high winds, but this won’t comprise the roof. We recommend inspection after every storm, no matter your roof type.

Metal roofs are also a strong choice when factoring in gale-force winds. All metal roofs have wind resistance for speeds up to 140 miles per hour (mph). However, we do provide roofing that can withstand 180mph winds.

Although a metal roof is excellent during a wind storm, you may find it a bit noisier than shingles or tiles. While installation practices have improved, leading to quieter roofs, some still prefer other options. Be wary of contractors using inferior metals, as thinner metal can develop leaks where water accumulates.

Types of Tile Roofs

With the decrease in the popularity of clay tiles, we offer concrete choices. Opting for concrete won’t sacrifice color selection, as cement tiles provide the same level of curb appeal as clay, and they can withstand the beating elements for a much longer time.

As compared to concrete, clay tiles are more expensive and less durable. Fallen trees and branches have a much higher chance of damaging a clay roof than a concrete one. For the best choice for your situation, contact your local contractor who can explain all the pros and cons.


For those who want to go green, tile roofs of either material are fantastic solutions. On average, both styles hold up longer, requiring fewer replacements. As opposed to other roofing materials, these are more energy-efficient, leading to savings in the long run.

However, you’ll still need to insulate correctly, or you won’t be saving any money. The combination of proper insulation and tiles will get you to the money-saving stage. This will allow you to swap out your current energy-consuming AC unit for one that is more cost-efficient, further decreasing expenditures.

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With our story starting in Chicago in 1985, we have developed into roofing experts over the years. Our team has all the bases covered, ensuring we can answer all of your questions. Be sure to contact us today to get started with a quote!