Roofing Jupiter Florida

Roofing Jupiter Florida

Well known for being summer all year long, the sunshine state tends to be rough on roofs. There are seven things that homeowners need to be aware of, unlike the majority of other states. Each of these points can affect the roofing in Jupiter, Florida.

Seven Reasons You Need a New Roof

The first thoughts when Florida comes to mind are alligators, heat, hurricanes, and beaches. Three of those dangers can affect your roof and cut its lifespan down considerably. Shingles are the outer covering of your roof, which protects your home from the elements. Here is how and why nature can ruin your roof.

Inclement Weather

While hurricanes can tear your roof off, gusty winds of tropical storms or thunderstorms are fierce enough to rip shingles free. Shingles are the only line of defense your roof has, without them, you might as well have no roof.

Storms are destructive due to rain as well. Much as how wind can remove shingles, pounding rain can break shingles away from roofs. Rainwater that penetrates the exposed wood underneath can lead to many issues that include:

  • Mold/mildew
  • Rot
  • Fire
  • Higher utility bills
  • Comprised structural integrity

We’ve all seen lightning bolts arching in the distance, but if they crashed down onto your home, it could be catastrophic. Lightning can puncture roofs, sear surrounding housing materials, start fires, and rip away shingles leaving your house an utter mess.

Downed Trees

Did you know that trees are the most common reason why homeowners experience roof damage? Downed trees can be devastating enough when these topple into your home, but even broken branches and limbs can puncture roofs or loosen shingles.


The sunshine state has no lack of vitamin D; residents and visitors can attest to the heat on any given day. Since the sun is capable of blanching roads and frying eggs, it’s no surprise that roofs suffer from the heat as well.

The bombardment of sunlight can compromise its’ structure leading it cracks and distortion over time. Without any way to prevent this aside from having tall trees, we advise homeowners to inspect their roofs routinely.

Strictly a cosmetic concern, UV light can fade the color of shingles. While not a significant problem that needs urgent attention, it could be unpleasant to look at each day. Unfortunately, even roof tiles can lighten, as it’s a normal part of aging shingles.


Tiny organisms known as algae thrive in hot and humid weather. However, we offer special shingles designed to deter the growth of these harmful organisms. Algae can weaken the roof’s structure and loosen shingles.


Far from a cosmetic issue as some claim it to be, there can be serious concerns with it growing on roofs. Moss soaks up moisture, which over time can trigger water damage if you fail to remove it. Early detection and action can save your roof and your checkbook.

Salty Ocean Air

For coastal homeowners and business owners, pay special attention to the metal components of your roof. If you have a metal roof, you may experience it starting to rust. Coastal air contains enough salt to damage cars, homes, and any other metal object it touches.

Even if you have a shingled roof, you aren’t immune to oxidization. The metal nails can rust, leading them to lift and liable to falling off or blowing away. While galvanized nails resist rust for a long time, stainless nails are the only ones that can withstand salty air for the long haul.

Looking for Roofing in Jupiter, Fl?

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we are more than capable of being your solution. Since opening our doors in 1985, we have perfected the trade and have dedicated ourselves to providing safe and secure roofing for your family or patrons. Contact us for your next roofing project.