The Hunt for the Right Contractor

Residential customers tell what issues are most important
by Bethony Behrhorst

“Printed in Roofing Contractor magazine”

  • It seems customers agree that when choosing a roofing contractor, the Golden Rule means more then the Almighty Dollar.  When consumers need new roofs on their homes, they they are looking for quality products, as well as knowledgeable contractors.  They want a professional who provides options, offers suggestions and is attentive to their needs.  Although their budget is a major concern, across the board customers want an educated, down-to-earth business person who treats them with respect.
  • In the days of high-tech business dealings and swift business transactions, customers unanimously agree good old-fashioned values pay – and they pay off big for roofing contractors. More effort spent on networking and building a strong reputation for consistency can generate more value then money spent on yellow pages advertising.
  • One couple from Morton Grove, IL a Chicago suburb say they were looking for a contractor they felt comfortable with.  The personal touch was what drew Clifford and Joyce Schwartz to George Jacobazzi of GNJ Roofing and Construction, Niles IL.  They say that they chose the contractor for several reasons, but the primary decision-maker was the way he made them feel about the project.  They didn’t feel like they were getting the run-around.  The couple adds that other companies seemed less interested in meeting their individual needs as homeowners, and more interested in just getting the job done and moving on to the next project.
  • “They were in and out very quickly,” says Clifford Schwartz. “I think they were very reasonable. I did get other bids and they were quite a bit lower. And, if something was expensive, they would explain why. I thought they were very reasonable.”
  • The Schwartzes agree that Jacobazzi was very knowledgeable about what type of roofs would best flatter their Dutch Colonial home. The contractor brought raised and dimensional shingles into the picture as a best possible ways to enhance the homes appearance. The Schwartezs say that they feel they could spend a little more then anticipated for the project since it is an investment – and they appreciate their contractor’s advice. The couple went with the dimensional shingle.
  • “I was really happy with him,” says Joyce Schwartz. “He brought up this new type of shingle and it really has a different look.
  • “It was more money, but it was worth it. He wasn’t pushy and if he hadn’t brought it up, we never would have known about this type of shingle. The roof is a big part of our home and we’re really glad he made several professional suggestions.”
February 7, 2009
Complete Roofing Solutions Inc.
13130 Citrus Grove Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33412Dear George,I wanted to take the opportunity to thank your professional team at CRS on a job well done.

I have lived in South Florida for over ten years.  During this time I have dealt with many contractors and a few roofers for various work on my personal and rental properties.  I have found that during the “free quote” process of starting a job there are numerous promises made about what I am going to get.  ” No hidden charges” “Work will be started on this date and completed by this date” “Not to worry I will be here every day to inform you of the progress of the work” etc. Your company has been the only one that provided the services promised and then some. It was an absolute pleasure working with a team of professionals with morals, standards and conviction of being honest and doing the job right, a philosophy that seems to be lost in Service Company’s these days.

After completion of my new roof I received numerous complements from neighbors on the “new roof”. Recently, I had a four point inspection done on my home for insurance purposes. The inspector whom was a retired general contractor was quite impressed with the workmanship on the roof. His quote to me was “It is not often were I inspect a roof of this quality of workmanship” that was a very reassuring statement from a professional. I mention this because your “quote was the best from the three roofing company’s I requested quotes from.

In closing I welcome any future customers of yours to drive by my home and check out my roof or give me a call. I have recommended you to my friends and highly recommend your company.

Thank You Again
It was a pleasure doing business with CRS.

Todd Christensen
Boynton Beach, Florida

“We were very satisfied with the service and expediency of your roofing company.  Getting the quote was quick and easy and your staff started on time each day and worked hard.  We are very confident with the job done and have been recommending you to our neighbors.”
John Rizzo
Plantation, FL

*More references available upon request