July 28, 2022
10 Common Roofing Issues that Require a West Palm Beach  Roofing Contractor

The temptation of DIY roofing in West Palm Beach is understandable. While some people take on DIY roofing projects as a hobby, most do it to save money. However, it actually costs less to hire a professional since you will not need to invest in the tools and equipment needed for the job. Even if you consider yourself to be handy and irrespective of whether you have the tools and equipment for the job, there are certain roofing issues that should only be handled by a roofing contractor.

1. Moisture and leakage issues

These issues should be handled by a professional because of their potential impact on the integrity of the structure and because of the difficulty in pinpointing leaks. Failure to fix even the smallest leak could cause damage to the roof, wall, and other structures. Moisture issues also cause mold and mildew growth, which can have serious health implications. Moisture and leakage issues are common, even in the best constructed and quality roofing systems because of exposure to wind, rain, and sunshine. Be on the lookout for such signs as discolored ceilings and damp walls.

2. Tree damage

An overhanging tree branch that is continually rubbing on your roof will eventually wear it off. A tree branch could also dislodge and fall on a roof, damaging it. Another danger of overhanging branches is that fallen leaves cause debris build-up, which encourages mold and moss growth. Overhanging tree branches should be pruned by a professional because doing it yourself poses a safety issue. We have the tools and equipment needed for the pruning, including the necessary safety gear. We will also dispose of the pruned branches.

3. Repairs and improper installations

If your roof has been damaged and needs repairs, or if it was improperly installed, the issue should only be rectified by a professional, otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty. Most roofing system manufacturers offer warranties on their roofing products, but on condition that repairs and re-installations must be done by a professional. If you have home owner’s insurance (HOI), hiring a pro is necessary to avoid conflicts when seeking compensation.

4. Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the most common roofing problems. Clogging is caused by the pileup of twigs, leaves, nuts, and other debris. Failure to unclog your gutters could lead to sidewalk/driveway damage, slip-and-fall accidents when water spills over, and damage to the roofing system. A pro will safely get rid of the debris, install gutter guards, and take preventive action to keep the gutter debris free.

5. Rotten beams

Rot due to water damage makes beams weak and often necessitate complete roof replacement. The beams should be replaced by a pro for safety reasons, but also to regain the structural integrity of your roof. Replacing the entire roof is expensive – we do inspections to determine the extent of the damage, after which we will advise you on the best course of action.

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