Replacing your roof is a serious investment, and some people spend years saving up for one. Despite this, we frequently get asked whether it’s worth having one serviced if it’s not currently leaking.

The facts are simple. A regularly inspected roof can last as much as 50% longer than one that’s only serviced when there is a leak. Maintenance is therefore essential for making sure you get the most value out of your roof.

What Maintenance Services Do You Offer?

Inspection & Reporting

Our Roof Care Specialists perform a comprehensive 20-point inspection to assess current roof conditions and determine if any repairs are needed. Roof condition reports are provided following each inspection.

Our reports provide you with a written history of repairs, a projected life expectancy, and clear estimates for future expenditures.

Preventative Maintenance

We examine and provide any necessary tune-ups to:

  • Flashing and counterflashing areas - We pay special attention to reglets and termination points.
  • Roof membranes - We’ll look for blisters, ridging, splits, punctures, and roof penetrations.
  • Roof accessories - This includes HVAC units, pipes, vents, pitch pans, skylights, and expansion joints.

Debris Removal

CRS will remove incidental debris from your:

  • Roof membrane
  • Drains
  • Gutters
  • Scuppers

Immediate Emergency Response

We're on-call 24/7 for storm emergencies.

Priority status for 24/7 emergency leak services is available by calling 1-561-848-7663. During business hours, you can also contact us online for emergency leak dispatch services.

Why Yearly Roof Maintenance Matters

Roofs undergo many movements that affect their performance. These include:

  • Building Settlement
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Contraction
  • Weathering (including sun, wind, and snow)

Our maintenance program, Complete Maintenance Solutions, was designed to take care of you no matter what part of its lifecycle your roof is currently living. This reduces leaks and helps ensure you are getting more value for every dollar spent across the entire lifespan of your roof.

A national roofing association has shown that as many as 35% of all roofs do not reach their life expectancy. Whether your roof is new or old, under warranty or out of warranty, ongoing maintenance is essential to protect the investment you've made in it.

Complete Maintenance Solutions

The Complete Maintenance Solutions program extends the life of the roof by taking care of little problems before they become big problems. You'll see an average of 20% savings on your roofing expenses with the reduction in leak emergencies and the per-occurrence investment needed to keep your roof watertight.

You will also receive detailed reporting to help you more accurately budget for future roof maintenance. The cost of our maintenance plan is less than 1% of the roof’s value. Please contact us today to get started.

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