January 16, 2023
10 Reasons your Flat Roof Should Be Inspected: Get A Roof Inspection

Just like any other building components, every day exposure to deteriorating factors causes your roof to age. Exposure to the sun, the rain, the people fixing the air conditioner and the foot traffic on the flat roof causes the it to age until the end of its service life. However, you can prolong the life of the roof through proper maintenance and repair and save a lot of money for other purposes.To increase the lifespan of your roof, you need regular checkups and prompt repairs. There is a lot of good reason in spending money every year on roofing maintenance. A roof that does not get proper regular maintenance may only last for half of the expected service life leading to a very costly roof replacement quite prematurely. Here are ten reasons why you should get a roof inspection:1. Maintain your warrantyLack of proper roofing maintenance can void your manufacturer material warranty. In case of roof failure, lack of evidence to show routine maintenance may make it impossible for you to get compensation on your claims for supposed warranty issues.2. Increase your roof’s lifespanIt takes at least two professional inspections a year to prolong the lifespan of a flat roof. This can save you a lot of money in expensive repairs and renovations.3. Professional inspectors know what to look forProfessional inspectors understand the depth and complexity of the issues that normally affect flat roofs. These individuals specialize in roof consulting. They can easily identify potential roofing problems and accurately predict the level of potential damage if the issue is unattended4. Create a maintenance scheduleThe roof can be an easily forgotten part of the building structure, out of sight and out of mind. Once you hire a professional roofing contractor for inspection, they can set up an inspection schedule for you. You do not have to remember the schedule as the inspection will occur based on an appropriate schedule as recommended by the professional.5. Repair problems before they become biggerThe trick with roofing inspection is to spot the small problems resulting from general wear and tear. You need to fix these problems before they become bigger and more expensive to repair.6. Checking for seasonal damageSeasonal damage is quite common with the change of weather. Heavy snowfall for instance, piles on so much weight on the surface of the roof. Inspection after heavy snowfall is necessary to identify the extent of damage.7. SecurityThe roof is a major access point often targeted by thieves that want to break into commercial buildings. Regular inspection checks on roof hatches and accessory points that could make your building insecure.8. CleaningThe wind can blow on a lot of garbage and debris on the roof surface. The drains and gutters may be clogged with dirt too. Inspection reveals the need for cleaning to maintain proper roof function.9. Save moneySmaller repairs are cheaper, easier and faster to deal with than large repairs. You can save a lot of money through inspection and early trouble shooting.10. SafetyThe integrity of the roof greatly influences the safety of the structure. Roof inspection reveals serious potential safety hazards to the occupants of the building.