January 16, 2023
4 Common Problem Areas of Roof Systems!

Since the roof is the most exposed structure of your home, it should be properly designed to withstand a host of issues. Even the best roofing material will experience problems from time to time. Many of these are repair problems that are easy to identify and fix.  You’ll be able to maintain the attractive look of your roofing by checking these problem areas more frequently.Don’t be too quick to climb up the roof and assess it yourself. This type of work should be left to a professional roofer because it can be dangerous and is probably beyond your skill set.The roof shinglesMany homeowners prefer shingle roofing because it’s cheaper and often easier to maintain. However, shingle roof systems come with their fair share of challenges. With time, you may notice some shingles are missing or broken. This leaves the underlying wood susceptible to rotting and can cause serious water damage. Shingles can buckle or curl due to poor ventilation or improper installation. Damaged shingles need to be repaired immediately because they leave your roof susceptible to rot.The gutter systemGutters are very important components on the roof as they direct water away from the building’s foundation and protect the structural integrity of your entire building. Gutters can get backed up with debris, leaves, and twigs which causes them to sag and pull away from the fascia. The gutters can also deteriorate over time with holes and leaks that prevent them from directing water properly. The hangers, which secure gutters to the fascia, can become loose over time causing the gutters to fall or hang. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly and you’ll need to ensure they are pitched properly towards the downspouts. Invest in gutter extensions to further protect your foundation from damage.FasciaThe fascia is that front board along the roof line which not only adds an aesthetic beauty at the edge of the roof but also protects it from the elements of the outdoors especially water. Fascia is often damaged by moisture causing it to rot and look unpleasant. If you notice signs of rot or damage on the fascia, call a roofing contractor immediately.SoffitSoffit is the exposed surface beneath the roof’s overhanging section. This material is often invisible as it is located on the underside of the roof. Some soffits are vented with small holes to provide circulation and draw heat and moisture away from the house.  Soffit helps to regulate the temperature in the attic, provide ventilation and generally make your home more comfortable to live in. This area is prone to cracks, holes, and rot which can cause insects and small animals to invade your home.FlashingsThese are components that are used to seal voids in the roof system in areas where the covering is interrupted such as the edges, walls, valleys, and drains. Flashings help to prevent water leaks in these areas. It’s usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel. Flashing deteriorates over time due to water and oxidation. It can also become loose over time and require repairs.