January 16, 2023
5 Problems to Look for when Performing Residential Roofing Maintenance
Roof man

No one can question the importance of roofing maintenance. This is what helps us to highlight roofing issues you’ve been suspecting and prevent costly repairs by dealing with problems before they escalate. To avoid making repairs even more complex than usual, residential roofing maintenance should be taken seriously. Below are the most common problems to look out for when performing the regular roof checkups.1,Peeling masonry: When you notice that paintwork on items on the rooftop have started peeling, take note because it could signify a larger issue. Peeling paintwork usually occurs on the outside surface of the chimney because moisture is finding its way outside. You may consider investing in a rain cap that will prevent the paintwork from peeling and maintain a good looking roof. 2, Damaged shingles or tiles: When performing residential roofing maintenance, make sure you watch out for shingles and tiles that are damaged. Clay tiles can be easily replaced but they are very fragile so care has to be taken when handling them. Replacing shingles can be a complicated process so it’s best to leave it to a professional. Make sure than any new shingles or tiles are installed properly on your residential roof.3,Clogged gutters: Even though some people believe that clogged gutters are normal, it’s important to prevent them if you want to avoid serious roof leaks in the future. In fact, most roofs that leak have one thing in common: clogged gutters. It happens because there’s a lot of debris and leaves that is blocking the system and preventing water from draining properly. This means that water builds up on the roof causing serious damage and often resulting in a leak. Dealing with roof problems caused by water damage can be very expensive so make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly.4,Signs of rot: Most people assume that the presence of rot on a roofing system is caused by water damage but this is not always the case. Sometimes you’ll notice dry rot on the roof that is caused by poor ventilation. A roofing expert can recommend a number of solutions to deal with this kind of issue such as drilling holes on the soffit vent to keep the roof ventilated. Proper ventilation on your roofing system will also help prevent a myriad of issues that can be costly to repair.5,Insulation: During the annual residential roofing maintenance, it’s also very important to check your attic-insulation. Attic insulation is very important because it can help to prevent serious roof leaks. When your attic is well insulated, heat will not escape through your roofing system. This means that you will be able to avoid spending a lot of money on heating especially during those cold winter months. Ask the Roofing Boynton Beach expert to check the condition of your roof’s insulation and ensure it’s in proper state before the winter begins. If it’s during the winter, do what you can to prevent roof leaks and ice dams from forming at your rooftop.