November 3, 2022
7 Crucial Questions to Ask your Roofing Contractor
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Roof repairs and replacements are a major decision. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have wasted lots of time and money. That’s why you must find the best person for the job. Any loopholes can lead to frustrations and unsatisfactory results. Before you finally seal the deal, be smart and ask your roofing contractor the following questions.

  1. Do you use sub contractors?

It is important to know exactly who will be working on your roof. There are those roofing companies who hire subcontractors to work on their projects. They may not offer the kind of quality workmanship and professionalism you hoped to sign up for. Hire a contractor who will use their own in-house crew to work on your roof.2. What kind of roofing system will you install and why?Be very concerned about the roofing work that is going to be carried out in your home. A true specialist will explain to you why you need a specific roofing system and how they will install it. Ask critical questions about the specific roofing system they will be installing. For instance, you can ask about the flashing that’s going to be used. You’ll need to do a little research about that roofing system.3. How do you handle complaints and dissatisfaction?It is important to know how the company has dealt with problems in the past. There’s no way that the contractor has always had customers who are 100% satisfied with their work. They are certainly clients who have unreasonable demands so make sure you find out how the roofing contractor will handle this.4. Do you offer regular maintenance?It is better to hire a contractor who has a roofing maintenance program already in place. You wouldn’t want to start interviewing another roofing company that will conduct the maintenance. Make sure your roofer will be around for the years to come in order to offer maintenance.5. What kind of warranties will I get?The two most important kinds of warranties that the roofing company must offer are, the manufacturer’s warranty and labor warranty. The labor warranty basically covers the completed work done by the contractor and the manufacturer’s warranty covers the quality of the roofing materials used. Make sure you understand these warranties and ask questions regarding them.6. Do I need a repair or a re roofing?The first step is usually inviting the roofer to assess the damage and advice on whether you need repairs or re-roofing.  A contractor who claims that the roof needs to be replaced should provide you adequate information regarding the state of the roof. You can get 3 roofers boca raton to assess the roof and see if they all notice the same issues.7. Do you have references?You should see the kind of work the roofer has done before in order to make the right decision. When you are give references, you need to contact them and if possible, visit the site to see what kind of work was done. Ask these references important questions such as, if the roofing contractor cleaned the job site and handled the project professionally.