December 19, 2022
8 Roofing Issues that require a Qualified West Palm Beach Roofing Contractor

Taking care of your property’s roof is an essential task for you as a property owner. The roof is one of the imperative parts of a building, and just like floors, windows, and other parts of the home, it can develop issues from time to time. Here are the top eight roofing issues that need the attention of a highly qualified West Palm Beach roofing contractor.

1. Damaged roofing shingles

Generally, shingles are a popular roofing option and require regular maintenance to keep the roof in perfect shape. Sometimes, shingles suffer different forms of damages. This necessitates the expertise of a roofing contractor to restore them.

Many years of exposure to gusty winds, rainwater, UV rays, and other harsh weather elements can cause tear and wear as well as other forms of damage to the shingles. The moment you notice some cracked, broken, or missing shingles, contact a professional roofing contractor in West Palm Beach.

2. Leaking roof  

This problem affects nearly all types of roofs. Roof leaks require immediate attention, as postponing the repairs will exacerbate the problem further. Critical roof leaks can compromise the structural integrity of the entire roof, and in worst cases, bring the property down.

3. Pooling water

The presence of stagnant or standing water on your roof is a sign that you should contact a roofing expert immediately. Ponding water on top of your roof signifies drainage issues that must be fixed immediately. In addition to staining your roof, stagnant water could lead to other roofing issues such as roof rot and leaks.

4. Penetrations and punctures

Roof punctures and penetrations emerge when hail or wind damage the roofing material. During strong winds or hailstorm, the flashing and sealant that protects the penetrations can suffer extensive damage that could expose some parts of the inner roofing structure. These exposed parts won’t function as expected, a reason you should get in touch with an experienced roofing contractor to fix the issue.

5. Damage caused by nearby trees

All trees near your property should be trimmed or cut to keep them away from your roof. Sure, trees aren’t evil or bad as they complement a home’s outward appearance, provide shade during sunny days, and provide fresh air. However, they can also rub against your roof constantly and end up causing dents, abrasions, and other forms of roof damage.

6. Clogged gutters and downspouts

Neglected gutters and downspouts are likely to get clogged, an issue linked to leaks and water overflow. If not addressed in time, these issues could weaken the property’s foundation and damage your landscape.

7. Roof damage caused by animals

Pests such as birds, squirrels, mice, raccoons, and other animals might make their way into your home via the roof. This creates roof problems such as leaky holes and gaps. Also, these entry points on your roof could lead to quicker roof deterioration.

8. Improperly installed roof

If your roof wasn’t installed properly, there is a good chance you will be battling with an endless list of roofing problems. It is recommended to contact a professional roofing contractor who can inspect it, identify the necessary repairs, or reinstall the entire roof properly.

Unless you’re an expert who can handle roof repairs, contact an expert.