August 2, 2022
8 Signs Your Roof Needs Restoration

Your roof is the home’s first line of defense. Overtime, roofs experience damage that can gradually impact your home’s interior. Before the problem advances, it’s important to perform inspections and get the repairs done soonest possible. Spend money now on the necessary roof restorations and you’ll avoid costly issues or even a complete roof replacement in future. Here are a few signs that you need to have your roof restored.Damaged or missing shinglesWhen you notice the roof’s shingles are cracked, curled or missing, this is one of the signs that your roofing material is approaching its lifespan. If you notice many roof shingles are missing, perhaps it’s time to invest in a roof replacement.Wet, dark and dirty shinglesYour roof shingles need to be dry and clear even after constant exposure to the elements. The roofing material is designed to resist all kinds of wear and tear together with all that the harsh weather throws its way. Therefore, if you notice the shingles are wet and damp, it’s a sign that they are allowing moisture to be trapped and need urgent replacement.Shingle granules in the guttersYou need to clean gutters and downspouts at least every two months. This will not only prevent foundation problems caused by water but also ensure any early signs of roof problems are identified and resolved. For instance, you may notice shingle granules when cleaning the gutters. They usually appear like coarse, black sand. This is an indication that the shingles are shedding because they have become worn-out. Your roof contractor will advise on whether a repair or complete replacement is necessary.Peeling of exterior paintIf you notice that the paint near the roofline is peeling or forming blisters, it can be an early sign of moisture problems in your roofing system. Moisture or high humidity levels can easily build up in the roofline causing serious water issues. If your gutters are blocked, it could also contribute to peeling paint.Stains and discoloration on interior wallsYou can look out for signs of roof repair problems in your home’s interior. For instance, you may notice that the walls and ceilings in your home have water stains or discolorations in certain sections. This could be an indication that your roof’s underlayment is letting in moisture into the house and needs urgent replacement.Moisture problems in the atticIf you notice leaks in your attic, it could be as a result of a weak roof underlayment that is allowing moisture to seep through your home. In some cases, the issue is flashing that needs some repairs so you don’t have to invest in a complete roof replacement. However, if the roof’s underlayment is to blame, be prepared to fork the bill and have a new roof installed.High heating and air conditioning costsIf you notice you’re spending more on heating and cooling, there could be leaks or spaces on your roof where cool or warm air is escaping through. It may also be as a result of ventilation issues in your attic that has openings where moisture can easily find its way from the rooftop. Get roof inspection to uncover the underlying issue and have it resolved before things get worse.Sagging roof deckYour roof deck should remain straight regardless of the weather. If you notice the decking in your attic is sagging downward, call a roof inspector to uncover the issue.