September 6, 2022
Are You Making These COMMERICAL ROOF Mistakes?

Commercial roofing systems are expensive and you should, therefore, ensure you do the roofing right to increase their longevity, to protect the rest of the structure, and to prevent the voiding of the manufacturer warranty. Proper roofing also helps you to avoid damage to the contents of your commercial building.Missing Drip EdgeDrip edges help guide rain water off the roof and direct the water into the gutter system. Drip edge installation ensures rain water does not back up onto the roof in a storm, which can result in serious water damage.Missing Leak BarriersYour roof needs flashing barriers on the chimney and other unprotected areas. Failure to install leak barriers leads to leaks, which in turn expose the roof to moisture and debris damage.Starter Shingle ProblemsStarter shingles should be installed to cover the foundation of the shingle, acting as the base water filter, and to prevent rain water from seeping into the foundation.Improper NailingBelieve it or not, improper nailing is a common roofing problem. The roofer you pick should have a professional team to prevent such nailing issues as missing the mark and the use of fewer nails to cut costs. Improper nailing weakens the roof and makes it susceptible to scratching and breaking.Leaving ice and snow to melt on the roofIf you are in a snowy area, you should avoid the common mistake of leaving ice and snow to melt on the roof. Ice and snow build up leads to ponding, which exposes your building to the risk of leaks.Too much foot trafficMost property owners go for flat roofs because it gives them extra space that can be used for a variety of reasons. However, heavy foot traffic leads to tear and wear such as the puncturing of the membrane that reduces the lifespan of the roof. You should particularly limit foot traffic during winter.Failure to update insulationThe roofing insulation should be updated regularly so that it is weatherproof. The normal life of insulation is 4 years.Lack of regular maintenanceAlthough roofing manufacturers specify the expected lifespan of their roofs and even offer warranties, proper maintenance is necessary to achieve this lifespan. A good roofing company offers FREE inspections to determine the extent of the damage and what needs to be done before giving you recommendations. The recommendations could be repairing the roof or complete replacement.Improperly Welded MembraneThe membrane is particularly an integral part of a flat roof. The membrane should be properly welded as improper welding leaves the roof susceptible to wet insulation and leaks.Roofing over wet materialWhen installing a roof, ensure that the material is completely dry to prevent dry rot, rust, mold, and other material failure. Using wet materials usually leads to blisters and fail of asphalt roof systems. You should also avoid the common mistake of installing a new roof system over 1 or more roof systems as this will overload the deck.Other common mistakes to avoid are:

  • Use of scupper flashing that is not properly sealed to the exterior wall material or flashed into the collector head
  • Wall termination that consists of a termination bar with sealant but failure to use counter flashing
  • Roof drains with insufficient sealant under the clamping ring
  • Metal drip edge that is not ‘sandwiched’ into the roofing system
  • End laps that are not properly secured or lapped, leading to seam failure
  • Penetration pockets that are not properly filled and mounded on the top

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