December 28, 2022
Clogged Gutters and Challenging Florida Weather

Having a clogged gutter on your roof is the worst thing that should happen to your house in Florida. Plant leaves, branches, dust, and roof shingle granules that settle on the roof can clog gutters. Clogged gutters give no room for water to find its way through into the lawn.

Clogged gutters can cause a lot of harm to your property. This article gives you some five reasons why you should consider cleaning your gutter in Florida and ensure your roofing is in excellent condition for the challenging weather round the year.

1. Avoid pest infestation

Termites and carpenter ants find a haven on leaf and plant branches that clog your gutters. If you do not clean the pack of debris on the roof, they will establish their residence here and begin feeding on the roof structures. When the termite-swarming season comes, your gutter should be as clean as possible to keep this harmful pest away from your roof.

2. Roofing damage

Clogged gutters cause rusting on the roof shingles. Also, when it rains, the pile of debris on the roof allows water to pool and find its way through the shingle joints. When rainwater is trapped on your roof for a long time, the wooden structure on the roof can rot. To avoid expensive roof repairs in the future, you should ensure your roof gutters are clean before the winter. If you have a wooden roof, you must prevent clogging of drains to ensure your roof remains stable.

3. Bowing of roof

When your roof develops leaks because of clogged gutters, the roof siding bow. This makes the roof unappealing. You will be forced to spend more on correcting the siding bows. To avoid bowing of the roof, you should ensure your roof gutters are clean round the year.

4. Mould growth

Growth of moulds on the roof and the ridges can cause damages on your roof. Mould can grow inside and outside your house when water and moisture find a way into the home through the roof leaks. Your roof attic is also at risk of fungi and mould growth. Repairing your roof and removing the moulds from the house can cost a lot.

5. Damage on the house foundation

Gutters are responsible for collecting rainwater. When they are clogged, rainwater cannot be collected properly. The water pools on the house foundation damaging it in the end. If your house has a basement, you have to waterproof it to avoid the damage rainwater causes on it. You may have to repair your house foundation before the local authorities certify it

Clogged gutters are not suitable for your roof. Apart from destroying your roofing structure, they also expose you to the risk of pest infestation. Roof repairs and hiring of pest exterminator is costly. To bypass such expenses, you should ensure your roof gutters are in a good state. The reasons given here should help you keep your gutter clean before the challenging weather sets in Florida.