September 6, 2022
Common Problem Areas of a Commercial Roofing System

A commercial roofing system can suffer a wide range of issues. Some of these problems are so noticeable and obvious while many others can quickly go unseen. But because roof problems are usually a significant expense, it’s important to be on the lookout at all times. We are going to examine which problems are most common in commercial roofs. But this doesn’t mean that you should attempt any of these repairs or assessments on your own. Accessing a commercial roof is dangerous and shoddy repairs can reduce the service life of your roofing system or even result in premature failure. Make sure you get a professional to work on your commercial roof.Roof leaksLeaks and moisture problems are common in all roofing system and not just the commercial ones. There are so many reasons that cause roof leakages. Most of the leaks usually occur due to flashing problems. This can be anything from improper installation to damaged flashing. In other cases, leaks occur because there’s no proper moisture barrier installed underneath the roofing system. Wind, rain, hail, snow and ice can cause moisture to get under the layers of the roof causing leaks, mold and rot.ShinglesIf the commercial roofing system is made of shingles then one of the issues you are likely to deal with is discoloration and curling. When these missing or broken shingles are not replaced, the wood underneath is likely to rot or be exposed to other forms of damage. Poor ventilation can also cause problems in the near future. So if you spot discoloration on your ceiling, it could be an indication that something is terribly wrong on your roofing system.FlashingsThe main purpose of flashing is to prevent water from entering the roofing system and causing costly issues. Flashing must be checked regularly to avoid deterioration. Sometimes flashing just comes loose due to age. That is why every commercial roof requires consistent maintenance. You need to check the state of the roof’s flashing and ensure it’s always in top notch condition.GuttersGutters are very important elements in a commercial roof because they enhance the structural integrity of that building. It’s important to ensure gutters are doing their job well. When water and debris is let to build up on the gutters, you’ll have to deal with costly issues like mold and mildew. The most common gutter problems can be fixed by a roof contractor and wouldn’t cost a lot of time and money. But when the issue is left to go out of hand, expect to pay much more.Poor installationImproperly installed commercial roofs are not uncommon. Most people pay for shoddy work because they think it saves them a lot of money. Faulty installation brings about a myriad of problems and reduces the service life of a roof. In fact most problems that arise at some point in the service life cycle are usually due to poor workmanship. So it is important to always have your commercial roofing system done by the best professionals.