January 16, 2023
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When it comes to commercial roofing, proper maintenance and timely repair is crucial to save money and ensure the safety of the occupants of the building. For all buildings, there is a set of regulations and standard requirements for safe occupancy and operation. As a commercial building owner, meeting these standardizations and regulations is essential to maintaining the commercial operating licenses of the businesses within and receive certification for the condition of the building. This is what makes it essential to invest in professional roof inspection.Professional roof inspectors are certified and experienced roofers who understand how to trouble shoot and determine the condition of your roof. It is essential to choose a professional roof inspector if you want the best results for the job. They can also help you identify repairs early and give valuable recommendations on how to improve the lifespan of the building’s roof. A professional roof inspection should provide you with the following critical information:

  • Condition of the roof: The roof inspection should identify any potential trouble spots and worn out areas of the roof that may require attention. This will help to preempt costly repairs.
  • Life expectancy: The important question of whether the current roof will fulfill or outperform its expected life cycle should be answered by the results of the roof inspection.
  • Future costs: The inspector will also determine the future costs associated with the roofing system. Their inspection results go a long way in aiding for the budgeting and planning for future roof expenditures.

As a commercial building owner, you already understand how costly commercial roofing is. Regular monitoring by an experienced professional can extend roof life by about five to ten years. You will also need a professional roof inspector when buying a new building, selling and old one or leasing a building. The condition report will give a detailed picture of the current situation of the roof and this is important in guiding your decision on whether to buy, lease or how to sell a building.The roofing inspection covers important areas such as:

  • Condition analysis: This will include pictures of the roof and a detailed condition report including trouble areas and potential repairs.
  • Moisture analysis: Moisture damage is quite common in roofing systems and this is why it is a key area of focus during inspection.
  • Asset valuation: In case you intend on buying, selling or leasing, results on asset valuation are a necessary part of the inspection results.
  • Life expectancy
  • Photo archive: The roof inspector will create a photo archive on the condition of the roof, which gives a clearer image of what is going own where the plain eye cannot see.
  • Repairs and replacements: A full list of repairs and replacements should be generated after inspection;

The point of the roofing inspection is to determine whether the roof is in the best state or what needs to be done to get it there.