September 6, 2022
Embrace Cool Roofs for Energy Efficiency

If you want a comfortable, energy efficient home you should consider getting cool roofs. The roofs are designed to ensure that the house stays comfortable when the temperatures are high in summer. During sunny days energy bills go up because of using too much energy to keep the house cool. A roofer will calculate to determine the right temperature for your home before putting up a cooling roof.The roofs are designed using light colors. Light colors reflect the sun and they do not absorb much heat as compared to the dark ones. Upon discovery most of the roofing materials used were white in color. This is probably why most people never embraced it. White usually becomes dirty very quickly especially if you live near a busy, dusty street. However, in recent times more colors have been introduced and the roofs are becoming popular.Here’s why you should consider cooling roofs:Reduce heat build upCool roofs reflect radiation and prevent heat from entering the building. Most of the heat buildup is usually from the sun. A small percentage comes from the activities in the home and running appliances. With a roof that has the ability to prevent heat from building up in your home, you won’t have to worry about temperature buildup even in summer.Save up on air conditioningWith minimal heat buildup in your home, your air conditioning needs will be reduced by a huge fraction thus lowering your power bills. By minimizing the use of your air conditioner you will also be reducing its wear and tear and other problems thus increasing its lifespan. You can also invest in a small air conditioner since you won’t need it as much.Offer conducive temperatures in areas with no air conditioningHot temperatures can be irritating if you have no air conditioning. If you live in a community with no air conditioning, cool roofing is the best solution. You don’t have to deal with that heat anymore. An expert will examine your situation and then give you the best roofing solution to ensure that you live a comfortable life even with no air conditioning.Reduced pollutionCool roofs don’t require much maintenance and as such they can last a while. This eliminates the need to replace the roof often. Roof replacements are big contributors to landfill waste. By embracing this kind of roofing you will help save the environment and reduce roofing maintenance and replacement costs.AestheticsBright roofing colors can help boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can choose a roof color that will match your interior décor or the surrounding environment. With all the beauty and brightness your compound will be a pleasure to look at.Cool roofing and solar energy productionCool roofs are now being used in the production of solar energy by placing the panel above the roof. Solar energy can be used in homes for heating water and other functions.