December 19, 2022
From Roofing Inspection To Repairs: 5 Fall Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

There’s a lot that you can do in fall before the first winter snow causes damage that you’ll only notice the next spring. From looking out for roof leaks to cleaning gutters and sealing cracks around the doors and windows, your home needs to be ready for the snow, ice and cold. We’ll let you in on some 5 fall maintenance tips every homeowner needs to know.

Seal cracks around doors and windows

All air leaks around your home need to be sealed. Check out for cracks or spaces between the trim and siding or around the door and window frames. You may also notice gaps in the areas where pipes and wires enter the house. These air leaks can contribute to cold drafts in your home that make the space uncomfortable and waste energy. You can use color matched exterior caulk for sealing.

Clean your gutters

The last thing you want to deal with is costly water damage caused by clogged rain gutters. You can hire a contractor to remove any leaves, twigs, gunk and debris on the gutters and ensure it’s not trapping water or sagging. If the gutters and downspouts are worn out or damaged, they need to be replaced. Hiring a qualified expert to clean your gutters will help highlight any signs of roof damage such as sand-like grit that may appear in your gutters which is a sign that the roofing material may need replacement. The downspout may also require an extension to ensure it’s far away from the house in order to keep foundation problems at bay.

Inspect your roof

A roof inspection will help uncover any issues that could be costly to repair after the cold winter. Stay safe by hiring an expert roofer to come and inspect your steel or multistory house roof. Your roofer will look out for signs of damage such as cracked, buckled and missing shingles, rust on the flashing and moss or lichen on the roof. The elements that need to be in good shape such as missing shingles will be replaced immediately. If your roof is extensively damaged, the roofer may recommend a complete replacement just in time for winter.

Inspect the furnace and filters

Reach out to your local heating and cooling expert for an inspection to ensure your HVAC system is in perfect state just in time for the winter season. You may also consider changing the furnace filters which is recommended every two months. You’ll spend less money on heating and cooling if your furnace is running efficiently in the coming heating season. Make sure the necessary furnace maintenance is done in fall.

Direct drainage away from the house

It’s important to ensure that your drainage is properly directed and slopes away from your home in order to avoid foundation problems. Checking the drainage and directing it further away from the house can prevent water from soaking the soils close to the foundation causing leaks and cracks.