July 28, 2022
How to plan your next Westpalm Beach area Re-roofing

Planning a re-roofing project in Westpalm Beach? There’s a lot that needs to be addressed during a roof replacement. You’ll need to review budgets, options of roofing materials, code requirements, warranties and so much more. What’s more important is that you have an expert roofer by your side to provide all the advice and support you need prior to undertaking this project. We’ll share some basic tips to help you plan better for your next re-roofing project and ensure success.

Be clear on who is involved in the project

Re-roofing projects can involve different professionals. From a roofing consultant to general contractors, architects, and sub-contractors, it’s important to know who you’ll be dealing with right from the start. For small re-roofing projects, you may decide to work directly with the roofing contractor. In this case, you need to establish a good relationship with this professional before and after the project is completed. Larger re-roofing projects may involve more people since there are likely to be multiple areas with varying levels of complexity that need to be fixed. For instance, some structural components may be damaged and require an engineer to perform some evaluations.

Decide on the budget

How much are you willing to spend on the re-roofing project? Most homeowners find it difficult to fund a re-roofing project themselves since it’s usually an unanticipated cost that’s not planned for. A proper preventative maintenance program can help extend the life cycle of the roof and prevent unnecessary costs such as re-roofing after a few years. Additionally, if you have a reliable roofer offering maintenance, he/she will alert you on the future needs of the roofing system so you can budget accordingly. When setting aside a budget for your re-roofing project, remember to factor in the cost of labour and materials that will be used.

Ask the right questions

When a roofer recommends a replacement, it’s important to ask questions which will help you understand the way forward. For instance, you need to know what the current condition of the roof deck is as well as its type. If the deck is severely damaged, then it may require a replacement instead of repairs. Sometimes the walls rising from the roof edges also need to be upgraded. Find out about code regulations because you may be forced to tear-off the existing deck in order to make way for the new one.

Review roof system options

Finally, make sure you review all the roofing system options available for you. Find out which roofing system is best based on the exposure as well as the use of the roof. Consider the life cycle of roofing material before deciding. A more durable system that can withstand years of harsh use, as well as extreme weather conditions, would be an excellent choice. You should also consider the maintenance cost of a roofing system. If the roofing material is too costly to maintain it may not be worth the low installation cost.