January 16, 2023
Important Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning in West Palm Beach

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Important Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning

Important Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning[/caption]At Complete Roofing Solutions Inc., we offer full-service roofing solutions to South Florida residential and commercial customers. One of our primary services is gutter cleaning in West Palm Beach. Cleaning your gutters is important because clogged gutters lead to such problems as rotting, foundation problems, basement flooding, destruction of shrubbery and flowers, failure to collect sufficient water, and dirty exterior walls. You could do the cleaning yourself, but hiring professionals like us for the job is the best option because of safety reasons. If you were do to DIY (do-it-yourself) cleaning, you would have to take proper safety precautions given that you will be on an elevated level and a fall could cause serious injuries and could even be fatal.For safety, the right tools for the job have to be used. It is particularly important that the right ladder for the job is used. We have ladders that are based at least 2.5 feet from the roof. This means 11 feet for the average one storey home. Our team has the training and experience necessary to safely work on a ladder. They maintain 3 points of contact, meaning 2 feet and a hand or 2 hands and a foot on the ladder.Gutter cleaning should be left to a professional because it exposes you to harmful mold and spores. Clogging causes a moist environment which is conducive for mold growth. Our cleaners have work gloves with them at all time. Gloves are also important in that they protect the hands from sharp gutter edges as well as sticks. They also have quality gutter scrapers. This is an important tool if you are to get rid of stubborn caked dirt. Do not attempt to make your own gutter scrapper as this not only increases the risk of cuts, but it also damages the gutter and exposes it to rust.A bucket and a rope are needed for the cleaning. These help in the carrying of cleaning tools and supplies to the roof top. Our team has buckets and ropes for such jobs. The alternative, holding cleaning tools and supplies on your way up the ladder, is ill-advised as it makes it difficult for you to properly stabilize yourself on the ladder. It is also dangerous for the people on the ground.Our team will come with a garden hose that is long enough for the job. If you do DIY cleaning and your hose is not long enough, trying to pull it could destabilize you and cause a fall. It is always safer to do gutter cleaning In West Palm Beach from the roof (but only for a shallow roof pitch). Our team has safety harnesses on at all time when cleaning your gutters.Having a ‘partner in crime’ when cleaning gutters is very important. A partner will hold the ladder in place for you, pass the items you need, warn you when there is a risk of an accident, and assist you in case of an accident. Hiring us is indeed the best option if you do not have someone with you or you do not want the cleaning to interfere with your work/business or your social life.You should come to us whenever your gutters need cleaning because we know how to lookout for wasps, ants, spiders, and other creatures that might pose a safety risk. We have workers’ compensation insurance, meaning you need not worry about being held liable in case of an accident.