January 16, 2023
Is Roof Replacement in West Palm Beach Cheaper in the Long Term?
The Wolf Residence

Home improvement decisions must be made with great caution. The right decision can save the homeowner lots of money and boost the value of their property. When big decisions like roof replacement in West Palm Beach are concerned, most homeowners get pretty confused. Sometimes patching leaks or the damaged areas will not solve the issue completely unless a complete re roofing is considered.Roof replacement is certainly costly but some argue that it is cheaper in the long term. For instance, if part of your roof is showing some serious signs of wear and you need to replace it, would you rather reroof the damaged part and then leave the remainder? Considering a complete roof replacement in West Palm Beach is cheaper than re roofing a small area and then doing the remainder in a few years.When deciding when to consider a roof replacement, a lot of factors must be considered. This includes the extent of wear of the shingles, the roof’s age and the climatic conditions in your area. A roof that has lasted longer than it was intended should be replaced entirely. If you don’t consider replacement then you may end up spending lots of money on regular repairs and still have to replace the roof in the long run. Roof replacement is also recommended if the shingles have been damaged and there are signs of extreme wear and tear on the roof’s exterior. A roof that has been damaged by a storm or any other natural disaster should be replaced rather than repaired because it exposes your home to a lot of damage and losses from the elements.When you choose roof replacement, you will have to decide whether you want the roofers to install the new roof on top of the existing one or to tear the old one first. This is another money-saving decision that a homeowner can make. However, you may end up saving some money during the reroofing process but risking a huge expense a few years down the road. You would rather spend more so that the job is done right and in order to minimize any future expenses.There are roofing laws that must be followed in the process. For instance, if you had two layers on the existing roof then it must be removed before installing the new one. This is because the extra weight can compromise the structure of your home. If you have only one layer, you may decide to keep them or have them removed.Removing roofing materials like shingles before roofing is a better decision because these roofing materials tend to hold better when fastened directly to the roof. When the old roofing material is removed before reroofing, it becomes easy to inspect the roof deck or sheathing for further damage. Any further damage that is observed during the roof replacement process like inadequate sheathing fasteners can be corrected before installing the new roof. Roof replacement is a huge expense but it will be worth it if the job is done right. Please contact us for a free roofing inspection.