January 16, 2023
Mistakes That Can Increase The Cost Of Your Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial roofing must be properly installed and well maintained to avoid costly repairs as well as serious health and safety claims. As commercial flat roof experts, we’ve come across many damaged roofs that have been as a result of mistakes, which could have been easily avoided. We’ll go over some of these easy to make mistakes when handling commercial flat roofing delray beach. If you keep these mistakes at bay, you’ll maintain a roof that performs optimally and prolong its life expectancy.

Ignoring ice and snow build-up during winterIce and snow can easily set base on the commercial flat roof during the winter months. It’s really crucial to have this cleared out as soon as possible. When the ice and snow is left to accumulate on the roof, it begins to hinder the draining system causing water to collect on the surface of the roof, which is commonly referred to as ponding. Ice and snow build-up can also compromise the structure of the building and lead to large leaks and more expensive repairs.Poorly installed roofing membraneThe membrane that acts as a protective layer is a very integral component of the flat roof. If poorly installed, your roof becomes vulnerable to leaks and damp insulation. Poor welding is a common mistake that some amateur installers make.Excessive foot traffic on the roofIt’s important to reduce foot traffic to your flat roof especially in seasons like winter when the roof is more prone to damaging wear and tear. Reducing foot traffic can help minimize the cost of repairs and even avoid a full replacement.Failing to update the roofing insulationRoutine roof repairs or inspections will highlight insulation issues that shouldn’t be ignored. Whenever the roof’s insulation is not performing effectively, the roof is likely to get old and weathered. This poor insulation can damage the roof over time.Lack of proper maintenanceRegular maintenance is key and it should be done well. A roof that is periodically maintained has a longer lifespan. In fact, lack of maintenance not only leads to costly repairs but could also void any warranty. That’s why you must ensure that you stick to the regular schedule when it comes to roof maintenance. This will give you the highest ROI.Reroofing over old tilesThe last thing you want to do is to install a new flat roof over a layer of damaged roofing material. Any roofing material that’s previously damaged will not offer protection to the new roofing system. Additionally, this situation adds extra weight to the roof, which could compromise the structural integrity of the building.Choosing the wrong materialsA commercial roof should be designed to fulfill the needs of the building. Quality roofing materials with a longer lifespan will cost more but they offer greater value for money. While upkeep and regular maintenance are key, you need a solid roofing material that will serve you for a long time to come. A roofing expert can help you choose a commercial roofing material that’s best for your building.