November 3, 2022
Perfect Reasons to Invest in Garden Roofing
garden roofing

Garden roofing comes with a wealth of advantages. It is an environmentally friendly roofing solution and comes in various technologies to make it available to all residential and commercial property owners. Let’s begin with the environmental benefits of this green roofing system.Have you ever heard of the urban heat island (UHI) effect? This is the significant difference in temperature between the urban areas and rural settings. It causes urban settings to experience very severe weather events. Green roofing systems cool the air down and reduce the distribution of dust and particle matter in the city. The roofs cover some of the hottest surfaces in urban settings therefore reducing the urban heat island effect.Other than that, garden roofing is also known to improve air quality. The plants on the roof can act as a substrate for pollutants to settle out. They can also detoxify the harmful gases released into the environment. These roofing systems can moderate temperatures and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants being released into the atmosphere.Some studies have also shown that garden roofs can reduce indoor sound by up to 40 decibels. This is why the roofing system has been adopted in buildings which are close to airports, trains and high traffic areas. This happens because the plants on the rooftop as well as soil and trapped air collectively act as acoustic insulators.Green roofs are also known to promote water conservation. The soil at the roof absorbs excess rain water. In large roof tops, this can really reduce water runoff depending on the climatic region of the area, the pitch of the roof and soil. Since excess water is absorbed, the roofing system is able to reduce flooding and erosion by a large extent. The building where the green roof is installed will not require storm water management systems because the roof doesn’t discharge lots of water when it rains.Garden roof systems can help to reduce energy and maintenance costs. Since the roof prevents surface heat build-up, heating, ventilation and HVAC systems will not be in constant use during the hot summer months. The roof basically cools the buildings during the hot season and insulates when it gets too cold. The roof line can last for many years because it is protected against UV and weather damage. This is a cost effective roofing solution in the long run.Other than the environmental benefits, garden roofs are very appealing. This roofing system has promoted urban greening- a concept that is known to not only beautify the building but also enhance health and mental wellness. The roofs have the kind of natural beauty you may never find in any other roofing solution. They create a very natural view which psychologists say is responsible for making people feel happy, lively and relaxed. A garden roofing system can also enhance the function of the building because it can be used as a patio where people can go to relax. It can act as an investment and increase the value of property significantly. Please Contact us.