January 16, 2023
Prevention and Repair Tips for Three Common Roof Leak Locations

Roof leaks are very costly to repair. The worst part about it is that a leaking roof does not mean water visibly getting into the house. It might take longer to detect the leak and at that point; the damage may be quite extensive. Most people often to do not consider getting into the roof and look for the leaks themselves. It is advisable to have regular roofing maintenance in order to detect these weak points and leaks and repair them in time.The roof is often exposed to a lot of wear and tear and a leak can develop at any point. Many roofing contractors find three common areas where roofing leaks are likely to occur. They include:SkylightImproper installation is the major cause of a leaky skylight and it can be quite a nightmare. Leaking skylights are quite difficult to repair and it is advisable to call an experienced roofing contractor to do the repairs. Using improper fasteners and flashing seals can cause skylight leaks as well as fractures and fissures in the glass due to the thermal expansion. You should buy good quality material when you decide to install a skylight on your roof.Regular roofing inspection can help identify the problem as long as the right course of repairs is taken in order to prevent further and often more costly damage. The first place to inspect should be the region where the skylight and roofing system are joined by the flashing. Replacing damaged flashing can stop the leak. In case of any fissures and fractures in the glass, the entire glass should be replaced.Chimney flashingChimney leaks are a big problem. Most of the time, the leaks develop at the caulking due to aging, damaged flashing and cracked cement caps. A thorough inspection of the roof can also help detect most of the problems around the chimney area. During an inspection, roofing professionals look for indicators such as wear and tear, cracks and gaps. When the flashing is not installed properly, your home is exposed to rainwater and damage from melting snow. Roofing leaks can weaken the roof structure and eventually lead to a roof collapse.In most cases the flashing; caulking and roofing cement need to be replaced. The old caulking and sealant around the base of the chimney should be removed completely and replaced with a new one. The cracked chimney cement should also be repaired with a fresh mix. Chimney roofing repair are best done during spring and summer to prepare for the rainy autumn and snowy winter.Vent pipesPooling water can also be a serious cause of roofing leaks with the risk of causing a lot of damage. With time, these vent pipes become cracked and rusty and may allow water to pool. Eventually, this water will seep through the walls of your home and you may notice damp patches and moldy growths on your wall. This kind of roof leak not only damages your roof but you may also need to repair and repaint your walls. Vent pipes should be replaced along with the deteriorating flashing and sealants.