September 6, 2022
Putting Up Holiday Lights? Make Sure You Protect Your Roof

As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s important to ensure that your outdoor light décor is done right this time around. Most people install lights and decorations during the Christmas season to bring out the holiday vibe in their homes. Before you rush to put on the holiday lights, make sure you know how to get it done right. Proper installation of any decorations or lighting is key to ensure safety and prevent property damage. The last thing you want is to see your lighting get ruined by the poor winter weather or when kids are playing in the yard. Proper installation will save you from all the trouble. We’ll share a few tips to make putting your holiday lights fun and effective this season.

Keep safe

Before you pick the ladder and make your way up the roof, remember that your safety comes first. It's always best to have a friend or neighbor by your side to help when installing the holiday lights on your roof. Get an extra pair of hands to hand over the tools, supplies, and decorations you need. Ensure that the ladder is properly secured in place before climbing up. The best way to mount the ladder is to place it on level ground and on a flat, secure surface. You can have someone else hold the ladder to steady it while you climb.

Avoid walking on the roof

It’s not advisable to walk on the roof. It’s not only dangerous but also could lead to damage to the roofing material. It’s not necessary to place your holiday lights up above the roof because most of the time, the decorations can only be seen from the street level. Anything above the eave line is somewhat unnecessary.

Check to ensure the holiday lights are working

Before you begin the installation process, ensure that the holiday lights are in good working order. The best holiday lights must be rated for outdoor use. Ensure you have just enough pieces to cover the area that you want to be illuminated. Lay all the lights out before installing them and ensure there are no frayed wires. These wires can turn out to be a serious fire hazard in your home. If you notice any missing strands or broken bulbs, replace them first before installing the lights. Any strands that don’t seem up to standard should be removed before installation.

Carefully attaching the lights on eaves and gutters

The lights shouldn’t be attached directly to the eaves and gutters. You can use plastic clips or hooks which are less likely to damage the roof, unlike metal ones. You may also need to invest in some outdoor extension codes to supply power.

Avoid hanging heavy stuff

Anything heavy that comes along with the light can cause significant damage to your roofing components. If you notice the gutters or fixtures on your roof have been damaged, ensure they are repaired before any installation is done. Installing the holiday lights with loose gutters will only worsen the problem during the harsh winter months.