December 16, 2022
Reasons Property Owners Should Consider Green Roofs

Roofs are usually designed to act as barriers against natural elements. However with technological advancement roofs can now serve as a growing medium for plants. Green roofs are different from other roofs in the sense that they hold water. Other roofs usually shed the water as soon as it gets on the surface.The roof is usually made up of a number of layers that perform different functions. First, there is a base layer that is designed as a waterproof cover for the building. The next layer serves as a drainage and its function is to allow water to leave the roof. Next is a filter then a root protection layer. The function of the root protection layer is to prevent the plants from penetrating into the waterproof membrane. If this happens it could cause the roof to leak. And finally, there is a topmost layer which acts as the growing medium for the plants.Here’s why green roofs have become popular:Better air qualityLiving plants on the roofs help in improving the air quality especially in the city. The plants reduce the dust particle concentration in the air. During the day they emit oxygen and absorb  carbon dioxide thus improving air quality.Aesthetic appealGreen roofs improve the appearance of homes. Being green also improves the functionality of roofs. In areas with limited space, they can be used for agricultural and recreational purposes. You can use it for fruits and vegetables or even grow flowers to add more beauty to your property.Green roofing and the environmentGreen roofing is said to have contributed significantly to the environment. Other types of roofs usually absorb sun rays during the day and then emit them as heat during the night. This causes the air to be warm at night especially in urban areas. A green roof will not absorb sun rays thus helping in reducing the urban heat island effect. It is said to play a very crucial role in the reduction of global warming.Preventing water runoffsThe roofs help in reducing storm water runoff when there is heavy downpour. Water runoffs can cause floods and damage the drainage system and waterways. A green rooftop retains water from the rain thus preventing such damage. During heavy rains homeowners spend a lot of time and money draining off the overflowing water.Reduce replacement costsUltra violet rays from the sun are some of the major players in roof destruction. With a green roof, the waterproof roofing boynton beach material is shielded from the UV rays by the growing medium. Therefore this is an investment that can see your roof last for decades. It could double the lifespan of your roof which translates to huge savings on would be roofing costs.Energy efficiencyThe roofs are energy efficient thus reducing cooling costs in summer and heating costs during winter. Investing in such a roof can help in reducing your energy costs significantly.