December 28, 2022
Residential Roofing Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner
Rizzo Residence

Most people overlook the condition of their roof until something happens and the roof needs repairs. With residential roofing, it’s easy to avoid spending money on repairs Even though your roof is at risk of damage during periods of heavy rain, wind and hail storms; this is not the only time to check the state of the roofing system. Roofing systems can develop a set of issues regardless of the season. The following tips will help you to save money by avoiding roof repairs and maintain the value of your property.First, always make sure that the roof gutters are regularly checked for debris or any other issues like detaching. If the gutters are not properly attached or they contain a buildup of debris, draining won’t happen the way it’s supposed to. The weight of the debris can even make your gutters move away causing a pool of water in your home. Clean gutters regularly to maintain proper drainage of your residential roof.Secondly, look out for damaged or missing shingles on the roof and have them fixed immediately. Most homeowners assume that fixing damaged and missing shingles is mainly done for aesthetic purposes. The most important reason why these damaged and missing shingles must be fixed is that they can cause water to seep into your home to the ceiling. One of the signs of water leaking through the roof is stains on the ceiling or bubbling paint. If you have roof tiles, don’t be tempted to climb to your roof and perform the inspection. You may end up causing more damage and even putting your life at risk.Residential roofing can also be damaged by algae and moss growth. If you notice these two on your roofing system, there’s likely a form of moisture damage that is yet to be detected. Wood rots underneath the roof due to moisture exposure and causes mold and algae to form. Mold is not only unsightly but it also compromises the air quality in your home. Sometimes children are affected the most and develop serious breathing issues due to inhaling low quality air.Sometimes brushing the moss out using a broom, especially on a dry day, will easily get rid of the unsightly appearance on the roof. But in wet environments, the moss sticks on to the surface and it’s impossible to come out. You may need to hire a contractor who will come with a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the affected areas. However, make sure you get advice from your residential roofer before pressure washing. Remember that dealing with the underlying problem is also important so don’t just focus on cleaning the roof.In summary, residential roofing can remain in top notch condition by making sure you perform regular inspections. Inspecting the roof on a regular basis will help to identify small problems before they advance and become costly to repair. You wouldn’t like to spend money on a complete roof replacement when all you had to do is regular roof inspections.