December 16, 2022
The Value of Commercial Roofing Inspections

One of the things you need to avoid at all costs is a situation that forces you to replace your commercial roofing system. Roof replacements don’t come cheap. The best you can do is to have the roof inspected and well maintained over the years.Roof inspection is important as it enables you to take notice of hidden issues and poor installation which can cost you a lot of money. Mold and mildew, rot and other defects can be hidden underneath the roof and by the time you realize the roof has undergone so much damage that you just have to replace it. To avoid this, make sure the following issues have been addressed when you hire someone to perform a roof inspectionFirst, find out if the roofing system has proper ventilation. This is something the roof inspector can advise on. Poor ventilation can be as a result of improper installation. You also need to ask the contractor to check for any signs of leaking or water damage.The roof inspector will simply look for signs that there is moisture damage such as water stains and sagging ceilings. When there’s leaking on the commercial roofing, dark spots begin to form on the roof top and around the vents and chimneys. Overflowing gutters are also a huge problem that needs to be resolved immediately.During roof inspections, it’s easy to notice signs of wear and tear. Even the best roofing material is likely to experience wear and tear over time. But when maintenance is done regularly, you are able to maintain a high performance system and prevent big roofing issues from coming up when you least expect it.Weather conditions in South Florida can lead to roof shrinkage and cracking. When the temperature is extremely high, the roof tends to expand and contract when the temperatures go down. If the roofing system has a dark colored surface then it’s likely to absorb a lot of heat and deteriorate faster compared to lighter colored roofs. This high temperature causes the roof to experience shrinkage, cracking and loosened flashing.When a disaster strikes, it’s very important to have the commercial roof inspected. Hail, strong wind, rain and storms can cause roof blowups, punctures and other forms of damage. If the roof is not serviced immediately, issues can get worse. Mold and mildew will begin to form in the roofing system and cause serious damage. Sometimes the roof can have exposed seams or open laps which compromise the structural integrity of a building. Leaving such roofing problems can cause moisture penetration and damaging leaks.Most importantly, commercial roofing inspections are important because they help you to address any shoddy contracting work that has ever been done on your building before it’s too late. Without addressing some of these issues, you’ll deal with premature roof wear and rapid deterioration. A qualified roof inspection and contractor should help you to maintain your commercial roof. So always ensure the necessary inspections are done regularly and effectively.