September 6, 2022
Tips to Maintain Residential Roofing in Perfect Shape
Sequoia Properties

When was the last time you assessed the condition of your home’s roof? Is there something that you’d like to change in order to boost your home’s appearance? Residential roofing deteriorates over time and without proper maintenance, you’ll be forced to spend money on a roof replacement. But before it gets to that there are a number of tips that will help you to maintain the look and style of your current roofing system.Perform a physical inspectionUsing a binoculars, have a close look at the state of your roof. If you notice any cracked, missing or curling shingles, know there’s an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Missing shingles can cause leaking and you might have to replace the entire roof if water damage destroys the roofing material completely. If you have a roof made of asphalt shingles then make sure the granular covering is not missing in any parts of the roof. Look for water stains which indicate a sign of water leakage.Seek professional helpAlways keep in touch with your roofing contractor in case you suspect there could be an issue with your residential roofing. Don’t wait until the time comes for a routine maintenance in order to seek professional advice. If you suspect a roofing issue that needs repairs, your contractor may recommend a complete replacement. Make sure you don’t pay a lot of money replacing the roof when it can be enhanced using minor repairs.Check with the building departmentThere are certain building codes that must be followed when installing a new roofing system. Sometimes you may not be allowed to cover the existing roof with a new layer. Your contractor may have to remove the existing layers before installing a new residential roof. Know what is required by the building department so that you don’t end up wasting time and money on illegal installation.Choose a reliable roofing contractorAs soon as you establish that your residential roof has an issue that needs to be resolved by a professional, take your time to choose a reliable contractor. Describe the roofing issue and let the contractor recommend the type of roofing that is most suitable and give details on the material and color to be used. Get a reliable contractor even if you only need roof repairs or installing new flashing and vents. Make sure they offer you a proposal that clearly shows all the services they will offer.Consider the annual costsChoosing a roofing material that is cheap to install may be expensive in the long run because of the maintenance costs involved. So when you ask your roofing contractor for an estimate make sure you ask them to explain the annual costs involved with installing a certain roofing material. Use this figure to calculate the actual cost of investing in residential roofing. Consider the cost of labor and material when installing the new roof and make sure you choose a roofing system that will last for many years.