December 16, 2022
Tips to Prepare and follow during Re-Roofing

After spending all your energy and time on a re-roofing project, it’s now time to get down to work. Supposing you’ve already identified a suitable, roofing contractor we will take you through a number of steps you need to follow in order to ensure the re-roofing process turns out to be a success. Remember that roofing projects have the potential of becoming dangerous, very costly and messy. The good thing is that, you can avoid the expense and frustrations that many homeowners encounter when re-roofing. We’ll show you how to.1. Understand the local building codes and obtain permitsWe always encourage homeowners to understand the building codes that regulate the number, type and material of roofing that is acceptable. You need to take extra care to ensure that the re-roofing project is done with the required permits. This will not only prevent future costs but also ensure the safety of your project.2. Choose the appropriate roofing materialRe-roofing can be done with materials that are available in many varieties. Understand the pros and cons of different roofing materials when making a decision on what to use. Consider the ease of installation, durability, and cost among other factors when choosing roofing materials.3. Prepare for the roofing workBefore re-roofing can begin, you’ll need to take your valuables off the walls. Items that are on the roof deck such as plants and furniture need to be removed. Any valuables that could be damaged by debris that may fall off the roof should be removed prior to re-roofing. For the items that are inside rooms such as the attic, you need to cover them to prevent dust.4. Stay awayRoofing contractors need to be given the right of way which means that you need to ensure that you stay clear of the areas where installation will take place. Keep away pets and small children from the site for their own safety.  To prevent the noise, you may need to keep your doors and windows closed when the roofing work is in progress.5. Electrical outletsYou also need to provide electrical outlets that will be used by the contractors when re-roofing. If you don’t, the contractors may be forced to use noisy generators in your compound. The best option would be to provide power source from the garage.6. Rent a trash containerIt’s important to plan ahead on dealing with the trash that is likely to accumulate after the roofing work. Most contractors will handle the trash and leave your property as clean as they found it. If you have to deal with the trash on your own, having a trash container will help to minimize the clean-up time later on.A re-roofing project should turn out successful if you hired the right contractors and prepared well for it. Avoid posing any inconvenience when the work is in progress to make the contractor’s work easier. If issues arise at any time during the re-roofing, notify your roofing contractor immediately.