December 19, 2022
What Type of Roof Lasts the Longest in Florida?

Florida has a humid subtropical climate. It is characterized by the mildest winters in Continental United States with average daytime temperatures ranging from 64 °F in Tallahassee to 77 °F in Miami, hot, sunny summers that range from 70 °F in northern Florida to near 80 °F in the Keys, and a defined rainy season from May to October. The area experiences more thunderstorms than any other state, more tornadoes per square mile than in any other state, and year-long tropical cyclones.

Given Florida’s unique climate, roofing solutions that work in other parts of the U.S. may not work in the state. Seaspray corrosion is also an important factor to consider when selecting a roof in Florida. Choosing the right roof guarantees longevity. So, what types of roofs last the longest in Florida? Concrete tilesThe predominant roof of coastal living in Florida is orange-brown clay and concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are also available in other colors and come in different profiles. They are popular because they are easily recycled, they stand up to the elements (they can withstand winds of 125+ mph), they are resistant to fire, and they have great curb appeal. Clay and concrete tiles do not deteriorate from salt spray. These tiles usually have warranties of over 30 years. Proper flashing is necessary to ensure water stays above the tile. Wood shakes Wood shakes are very popular in Florida and elsewhere along the U.S. Northeastern coastline. Wood shakes are indeed the most popular roofing option in such pockets as the Naples area. Cedar is the most popular material for wood shakes. It works perfectly for coastal living because it holds up well near saltwater. These shakes can withstand speeds of up to 245mph. Wood shakes are the perfect choice for those who do not have a stone-like siding, giving an unmatched natural beauty. The realistic lifespan of a wood shake roof is between 20 and 30 years. You can pre-treat the wood to resist insect infestation and for fire resistance.  Metal roofs Metal roofs, particularly zinc and aluminum offer great sea spray corrosion resistance. Metal roofs come in different color options, textures, and shapes. Standing seam is the most popular option in Florida, but metal tiles and shingles are also available. Metal roofs are resistant to fire and insects and are lightweight. The standard metal roof is rated to withstand winds between 110 mph and 160 mph. The roof can take you up to 50 years. If you are environmentally conscience, the material is 100% recyclable. Shingles Like elsewhere in the U.S., wood and asphalt-based shingles are popular in the U.S. for sloped and steep roof applications. Wood shingles are usually made of cedar while asphalt shingles are made of carrier sheets of fiberglass or organic materials that are coated with asphalt and granulated in different colors. We will guide you on the best roofing material to suit your particular needs and budget. You can reach us on 561-848-ROOF for a free roofing estimate.