December 28, 2022
Why is Green Roofing so Important in South Florida?

There is a current trend taking commercial buildings in South Florida areas by storm. It involves planting rooftops with beautiful flowers and vegetation. But why are people doing this? Are there any economic benefits of green roofs? Certainly yes!Other than for beautification purposes, green roofing comes with many other amazing benefits. To start with, green roofs minimize storm water runoff. During the stormy season, the runoff can be so immense to an extent that it damages waterways and other infrastructure.A green roof will retain that rainwater and some of it is absorbed by the plants which return it to the atmosphere through the processes of evaporation and transpiration. This means that, less rain water leaves the roof during the storm. On top of that, the storm water that is running off a green roof is considered cleaner than what water running off your ordinary roof.Other than that, a green roof enhances energy efficiency. When you plant items on the rooftop, less heat is transferred through the roof. During those hot summer days, you won’t have to spend much on heating and cooling expenses. The plants at the rooftop will protect the building from direct heat from the sun during summer. In winter, the green roof reduces heat loss by acting as a proper insulator on the rooftop.This technology has also boosted air quality especially in urban environments. Green roofs have plants which trap dust particles from the atmosphere. The processes of transpiration and evaporation cool ambient temperatures. A better air quality can help to reduce health issues such as asthma and this creates a better living environment for everyone.Other than that, the green roofing system also provides extra space for urban agriculture. The rooftop is turned into an area where people can relax or hold meetings. This roofing system has actually improved the aesthetics of most buildings and created amazing views for neighbors in adjacent buildings. In fact, some buildings have used green roofs as a space for practicing gardening and food production. This can help to enhance food security in urban areas which lack adequate space for farming.In building like hospitals, green roofs have been seen to help individuals relax and require less medication. The roofing company system has been used to create natural views which boost mental health. The roofs are designed by professionals who understand the installation process that suits each building.Green roofs can help commercial property owners to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Since the plants protect the structure beneath from extreme climates, UV exposure and mechanical damage, property owners can expect to pay less for maintenance compared to the conventional roof.These are just a few of the ecological and economical benefits of green roofs. If you would like to invest in a green roof, remember that it requires professional installation. Even though the installation cost of a green roof is likely to be more than a conventional roof, it has an impressive life cycle that makes the investing in green roofing worthwhile.