January 16, 2023
Why You should have your Roof Inspected by a Professional Commercial Roofer after a Major Storm

In a commercial building, the roof is the first line of defense against natural hazards such as hail, ice, wind, rain and fire. This makes it one of the most vulnerable parts of the building since it is exposed to the weather and elements that cause decay and deterioration everyday. Storms in particular, increase the risk of damage to the roof itself and the rest of the contents under it. Professional commercial roofing inspection after a major storm is a necessity.It‘s a safety requirementThe safety standards for commercial buildings are set by the International Building Code, the IBC. These standards stipulate that roofs serve to protect the building in terms of design, material selection and installation during construction or remodeling. The standards also discuss the necessity of regular inspection, maintenance and repair. These activities should be part of the operation planning of the commercial building in order to preserve the life of the roof and to make sure it efficiently serves it’s function of protecting the building, especially from weather damage. Inspection of the roof after heavy storms is a requirement buy the IBC to ensure that roof of your commercial building serves its purpose as stipulated.Professional trouble shootingThe inspection enables you to troubleshoot common roofing problems that result from storm damage and do repairs before worse damage occurs. You cannot recognize the signs of a roof problem unless you have the expertise required to do so. The first priority after a storm should be to identify and fix these major problems, which is only possible through the help of an experienced professional.Identify and solve problems After a storm, there are often signs of serious problems inside the building that you may notice. For instance, if you have water stains on the ceiling, it could mean there’s a leak as a result of a crack or hole in the roof. When it comes to roofing, even the smallest leak can cause a lot of trouble. Other signs of storm damage often include unexplained mold or odors inside the building that indicate water penetration. Most of these problems are likely to worsen over time if left unattended.Hiring a professional roof inspector is important for safety as they are skilled on how to safely access the roof and identify potential problems. They can easily troubleshoot most roofing problems than any inexperienced eye would miss. They will generate a proper report that can be submitted formally in any kind of meeting or dispute regarding the roof. The professional roof inspection will generate recommendation on urgent measures you need to take that will save you money and a lot of trouble.Some of the common roof damages caused by storms and identified doing these inspections include:

  • Damage to the underlying roof support structure
  • Leaks and holes caused by falling debris
  • Excess granule loss
  • Warping or depressions on the surface of the roof that pool water
  • Missing bruised, cracked, dented or loose shingles